About Kirstie

Hi, my name is Kirstie.

Dancing has been my passion since I was a young child. My parents ran a ballroom and latin dance studio and were fantastic dancers and their enthusiam for dance rubbed off on me. As I grew up I followed in their footsteps and soon had a room full of medals and trophies and started teaching alongside them.

Unfortunatley dancing took a back seat in my life when I went to Uni and then started work. I still let loose on the odd nightclub dance floor every now and then but that was about it!

In 1998 I lived in the USA for a while and this is where I danced Salsa for the first time. I was taught by an amazing dancer from South America and immediately loved it.

Then, once again life and the fact that it's very hard to find a dance partner - got in the way of my dancing passion - and then Zumba came along …

I'm very excited about Zumba - it has ignited my passion for dance once again. Finally I can dance Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Samba, Flamenco etc to fantasic music and I don't have to find a dance partner to do it! Zumba fitness has also ignited my passion for teaching and sharing my love of dance.

If you too love to dance and love the infectious latin rythums - come along to my class and let me share with you the Zumba love!